Interdisciplinary Approach Towards Fostering Collaborative Innovation In Food Waste Management


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National Seminar Food Waste Management

Erasmus+ IN2FOOD National Seminar on Food Waste Management on 7-8 October 2021 with the theme: “Sustainable Food Waste Management Towards National Food Security”

IN2FOOD Capacity Building

The IN2FOOD Consortium gathered together at Harris Hotel Malang for 2 days (24-25 June 2021) to participate in a number of ToT (Train of Trainer) materials in a hybrid form (a combination of online and offline meetings). In this event, the materials presented include: Discussions and brainstorms regarding the activities of the subjects taught, sharing sessions with Garda Pangan, as well as discussions on Food Waste Management.

Curriculum Benchmarking Days

This activity aims to benchmark of EU universities partner' best practices in implementing interdisciplinary curriculum of food waste management. This online activity helps the Indonesian partner to obtain deep understanding of this practice. Through this activity, there is transfer of knowledge between Indonesian and EU partners on how to address the societal challenges by developing innovative interdisciplinary curriculum.

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Dr Yufra : Nature’s Natural Friend

Our Task Manager of WP2 (Curriculum Development), Dr Stefanus Yufra Manahen Taneo, is as natural a friend to nature as he is to Asian Economy, of which he is an expert in our campus of Universitas Ma Chung, where he is the Vice-Rector III for Partnerships and Student Affairs.


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